Senior Elixir Engineer - Aplicar - Canada

Senior Elixir Engineer - Vancouver, Canada (Full Remote)

About us

My name: Tam Kbeili
My position: Senior Backend Engineer
Company name: Aplicar
Country: Canada
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): At Aplicar we are building the next-generation platform that helps international students apply to schools in Canada, the US, Australia, and other countries.

Our application is written entirely with Elixir & Phoenix.

About the job

Job title: Senior Backend Engineer
Job description:
We are looking for a senior developer to join our team. Our application is built primarily with Elixir & Phoenix. We will be happy to train the candidate in Elixir & Phoenix. The key thing here is that you’re interested in the language and framework!

This position is ideal for you if you would like to write production applications that will handle a large number of users using the functional programming language Elixir and its up-and-coming Phoenix framework.

While familiarity with functional programming is definitely an asset, it is your curiosity and willingness to learn that are paramount. We are constantly striving to improve our code-base and keep up with best practices and would like you to be an active part of this effort.

Salary range: $100,000+ CAD
Position on remote work: Fully Remote, preferably within a few hours of PST to ease having overlap with the team.
Qualifications or experience required:
The ideal candidate will have 5+ years of experience with the following:

Backend Web development
Working with databases (ideally Postgres) and writing SQL queries
Writing code with MVC and convention over configuration designs patterns
Writing basic front-end Javascript code
Writing code for front-end pages with HTML and CSS
Conducting in-depth code-reviews, giving and receiving constructive feedback

Nice to have experience with:

Writing production applications using functional programming languages
Writing HTML and CSS code using the BEM (Block Element Modifier)
Building applications with Elixir and Phoenix is a huge plus, the second best would be Ruby on Rails.
Domain-Driven Design methodologies.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:
Multiple initiatives/projects, all with Elixir, Phoenix & LiveView within our codebase.

About the interview process

We start our interview process with you showcasing to us a piece of code (ideally Elixir) that you find interesting or challenging.

Then we do a debugging question within our codebase and assess accordingly.

To apply you can email me at or apply on LinkedIn: