Senior Elixir Engineer - Remote

Hi there! We’re a remote-first, global company looking for a Senior Elixir Developer.

About us

Company name: SureSwift Capital
Country: USA
You made it. You found the dream job you’re looking for where people and culture come first. If that’s as important to you as it is to us then please keep reading.

At SureSwift, we’re building the company we want to work for, and we’d like to give you the opportunity to join our fully remote team of 80+ people in 14 time zones around the world.

While we do work hard, we all work remote, and according to our own schedules that make the most sense for ourselves and our families. There are no cubicles, no offices, and there is zero commute time…unless you decide to work from the beach or a coffee shop, and that’s up to you.

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir Engineer
Job description: When we welcome you aboard we’ll introduce you to your Product Team, which consists of a Product Manager, Customer Happiness Specialist, and our Lead Elixir Software Engineer. These are the people you’ll work closely with on Product development day-to-day.

Once you get settled in and learn more about the team, your day to day activities will look something like this:

  • Implement high quality code in an agile, test driven development environment
  • Gradual refactoring of legacy code
  • Review reports to identify and fix bugs
  • Assist customer support teams with escalated tickets
  • Development of new features
  • Maintenance of existing features
  • Collaboration with cross-functional, agile teams
  • Contributions of ideas to improve the product
    Salary range: Compensation varies with experience and qualifications.
    Position on remote work: This job is a full-time remote / work from home position.
    Qualifications or experience required: 5+ years of Elixir development experience

About the interview process

  1. Apply here and select “Create Your Own Position”
  2. Fill out a brief questionnaire about your experience
  3. Attend First Round interview with Product Team
  4. Attend Second Round interview with Technical Team
  5. Reference Check
  6. Job Offer

Update: This job has been filled.

Many thanks to everyone that applied.