Senior Elixir/Phoenix Software Engineer at Ambue - help the planet! (Remote, UK only)

Hi folks. We’re looking for an Elixir/Phoenix engineer to help make people’s homes more energy efficient.

About us

My name: Daniel Tipping
My position: Co-Founder
Company name: Ambue
Country: UK
Company info and history:

Ambue is an Oxford-based startup developing technology to help people make their homes energy efficient. We’re part of an accelerator with the Energy Systems Catapult and we’re backed by the UK government.

20% of CO2 emissions come from domestic property and >£65b will need to be spent upgrading
properties to meet the UK’s Net Zero targets. The government have multiple financial incentives available, but we’ve got a data problem: people don’t know which upgrades to make, they don’t know how to access finance, and they don’t know how to find trusted tradespeople.

We help homeowners collect property data and combine it with our own data to create an accurate energy loss model. We identify the best retrofit solutions for their home and help them through the upgrade process.

We’re looking to work with creative software engineers who care about the environment, want to make a difference, and are happy working independently.

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir/Phoenix Software Engineer
Job description: Full stack Elixir with Phoenix Liveview.
Salary range: £50-75k
Position on remote work: Position is remote; UK only.
Qualifications or experience required: 3+ years Elixir experience.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: You’ll be developing the front end UI but primarily working on data processing and automation on the back end. Stack is Elixir, Phoenix Liveview, PostgreSQL. You should be comfortable with HTML, CSS (we use Tailwind), and basic Javascript (we avoid it where possible). You’ll have autonomy over your work and the opportunity to have real impact on efficient energy usage in the UK.

About the interview process

  1. Short coding challenge
  2. 30 min chat to get to know each other a little
  3. We’ll have a longer chat about your past experience
  4. You’ll have a conversation with the CEO

Further info

For more info and to apply:


Nice to see Elixir being used in this sector! I’m currently renovating a property that’s over 100 years old and also manage a commercial building that is of similar age - they definitely have challenges modern builds do not!!

I’m personally very interested in healthy alternatives to common building materials, and I think it’s a growing area of interest - maybe it’s something you could include somehow?

Prince Charle’s Welsh retreat, Llwynywermod, is a good example - although quite old now and things have moved along a bit, they used eco-friendly and healthy alternatives to modern materials such as hemp (lime) plaster, real wood instead of things like MDF/chipboard/laminate (i.e formaldehyde-free materials) renewable heating fuel systems, etc.

Good luck in finding someone joining your team, and for anyone interested, I would think this is a good space to get into since the UK has lots of old buildings and people are becoming increasingly eco-conscious :023: