Senior Full Stack Engineer, Miami/Remote, Use Phoenix Liveview!

Introductory paragraph

We are revolutionizing the esports experience, giving players and viewers the opportunity to win money playing and watching the games they love. Created by industry veterans and supported by one of the most prestigious venture capital firms, we are at the forefront of esports and wagering. Our vision is to create a world where anyone involved in the gaming community is empowered to take their affinity for gaming to new heights.

We’re looking for a senior full stack engineer to join our new team and be a key decision maker in our early implementation. You will have a direct impact on direction, code style, and early product development.

About us

My name: Sergio Tapia
My position: VP of Engineering
Company name: Stealth Startup - Esports
Website: N/A
Country: Miami, USA
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): We use Elixir, Phoenix and Phoenix Liveview - monolith at this time. We are a stealth startup, backed by industry veterans.

Tech Stack

  • Elixir
  • Phoenix Framework
  • Phoenix LiveView
  • Graphql
  • Postgresql
  • TailwindCSS

About the job

Job title: Senior Full Stack Engineer
Salary range: Competitive Market Salary
Position on remote work: We are remote-first. Looking for USA only candidates at this time.


  • Scale our Phoenix LiveView monolith.
  • Iterate our product quickly and efficiently.
  • Write scalable and performant Ecto queries.
  • Create graphql endpoints that our mobile applications consume.
  • Be a key member of the founding team of a fast paced startup.
  • Participate in architectural decisions and decide the future direction of our technology.


  • Minimum of 5 years experience writing Elixir code
  • Extreme attention to delivering business results. Our code serves our customers first and foremost.
  • Experience writing Phoenix Framework applications, and GraphQL APIs.
  • Experience writing Phoenix LiveView applications.
  • Experience performance tuning Postgresql databases.
  • Self-starter, you will be a founding team member. We need someone who is self motivated and has an obsession with completing high value projects.

About the interview process

  • 30 minute call with me, where we talk previous experience and goals.
  • 30 minute call with our CEO.
  • Take home assignment (max 4 hours) where we gauge your Elixir experience, your Liveview experience and your general eye for UI/UX. Because this is literally the first engineering hire, we are looking for people who have experience using Liveview in production settings.

Further info

If you are interested email me with your CV at: sergio [A] playoxygen [DOT] com

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