Senior Full- Stack Engineer - Remote, USA

Introductory paragraph

Hey all! Want to work with Phoenix LiveView at a small, fun, improvement-oriented, and fast-growing company?

About us

My name: Nick Urban
My position: Cofounder and CTO
Company name: TalentWall
Country: USA
Company info and history:

TalentWall is a tiny company. However, this year we already grew 3x to ~13 people. We have 4 full-time senior engineers, former ThoughtWorks and Pivotal developers.

We are using Elixir across the company, and we are in the process of rewriting our flagship recruiting software from Rails/Angular to a Phoenix LiveView application.

About the job

Job title: Sr. Full-Stack Engineer
Job description:
Salary range: $120-$180k depending on experience.
Position on remote work: Fully Remote
Qualifications or experience required: 4+ years
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

The interview process includes a phone screen, general interview, coding interview, and culture fit interview.

I’d love to hear from you! You can apply here:


Congratulations for posting the salary range. This save times to everyone involved in the process. I hope that this becomes the norm :slight_smile:


I have to cry when I see the offers here in Germany. Please stop posting such offers. Damn, where is my greencard?

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Don’t underestimate blogging and being visible in the community :003:

I still get job offers for Ruby even though I haven’t been active in the community for a while - and I’m pretty sure it’s due to the blog posts that I wrote a few years ago (some of them had become quite popular). Most of the offers have been from US companies, remote with HQ visits once or twice a year.

The funny thing is I never started my blog for that purpose because it’s unlikely that I would take such a job (I prefer the freedom of doing my own thing) but I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants an advantage in the job market :023: (and in terms of content, I suggest focusing on things that add something of value and are positive).


I don’t blog about programming languages. I just have a Linkedin profile and my old CV spread across a bunch of recruitment websites from 2013 and that is enough to get emails and Linkedin offers every week.

You have automated systems scanning the whole internet for recruiters keywords and when your CV or Linkedin page matches one of them then you get an automated offer that looks like an human one.

Try to put an emoji as the first character in your name at Linkedin and you will get it in your name on the offer supposedly sent by an human.

Another trick is to use your email in the form of and then you always know from where de current offer got your email address.


Thankfully I don’t get any of those (I am not even on LinkedIn). Pretty much everyone who has contacted me has been known to me, or I have been recommended to them by someone who knows me.

I think almost all of that was down to 1 or 2 blog posts too, this one in particular was tweeted about a lot - and again goes to show that positive/uplifting posts generally leave people with a better impression of you.

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Hacker :slight_smile: