Senior/Intermediate Elixir Engineer, San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Cheqout (YC W21) is an in-person ordering & payments system for restaurants. We help orchestrate the entire restaurant starting with the customers or servers entering their orders through to the kitchen printers printing out the tickets and eventual payment. We’re deployed across 200 locations, recently raised about $3m, and continue to grow fast!

About us
My name: Janssen Choong
My position: Advisor/Operations (prev-CTO at last 3 startups, couple got acquired)
Company name: Cheqout Payments Inc
Country: USA
Company info and history: Founder loved Elixir and started building the company with it. Got good enough to get into YC and good enough to be well funded. We continue to build upon our core system and are looking for folks interested in a startup environment. Small team, no politics, ship code.

About the job
Job title: (Senior) Software Engineer

Job description: The opening is for a mid or senior engineer in a growing startup engineering team of 3 other engineers. Your work will be used and directly impact the company almost immediately.

Salary range: Competitive. USD 100k-180k. Health Insurance.

Position on remote work: Preferred in San Francisco Bay Area, Ok in the US or same timezone ( New York or San Francisco ) as long as you are available for first few weeks in-person to onboard in San Francisco.

Qualifications or experience required: 3+ years experience. Able to work in our stack: Elixir/Phoenix, [Absinthe], GraphQL, [Apollo], React (+React Native). You don’t need to know everything but you should be very strong in at least one part of the stack.

What the successful job applicant will be working on: New features, extensions, bug fixes upon our current system.

About the interview process
Initial intro call, tech screen take-home exercise (< 2 hrs), tech discussion call, call w. founder

Further info
Contact me at with your resume and a couple words of your interest in