Serafeim looking for a part time position (contracting)

Hello, I’m Serafeim and live in Athens, Greece and I’m looking for some freelancing work as an Elixir/Phoenix developer.

I can only work remotely and I’ve got up to 20 hours of availability per week. I work some hours on a permanent gig and that leaves me free time for freelancing.

I’m an EE with a PhD in Video Search, however for the past ~ 15 years I work professionally as a software engineer. I started with Java but these days I’m mainly working with Python/Django and Phoenix/Elixir (I’m much more experienced with Django though). I’ve got ~ 3 years of Elixir/Phoenix experience. I’ve implemented a couple of production Elixir / Phoenix applications (one is actually public: and serves a lot of people each day).

Here’s my Linkedin profile for some more formal exprerience:

Also take a look at my blog: with some elixir-related articles: Category: elixir — /var/. Finally, here’s my gh profile: spapas (Serafeim Papastefanos) · GitHub ; the most interesting elixir-related thing there is my phxcrd project GitHub - spapas/phxcrd: A crud app for phoenix / elixir which can be used as a template for new elixir projects that have some needed (for me) functionality.

Thank you for the interest!