Shall we do some fun challenges?

Svelte has a monthly showcase of community created projects and after seeing some of the cool stuff they’ve included (like this) I got thinking whether it might be an idea for us to encourage similar too? Perhaps we can give a book away to the most voted entry per round as well :003:

It could be something as simple as members submitting something cool they’ve made with Elixir and whatever gets the most likes in that thread ‘wins’ or, we put up suggestions of things people could make, and then the most voted submission after the topic/idea is chosen wins.

It would just be a bit of fun, while hopefully being a nice way to show off some cool Elixir tech - whether it’s LiveView, Scenic, Nerves, Nx, etc - anything that ‘shows off what can be done with Elixir’.

What do you think? :101:


I am in. Problem would be finding the time for me to sink it in to the cool project


oh heck yes. That would be so awesome.


I think that sounds like a great idea :+1:
I think some very fun things could come from this :blush:


I was thinking about IOCCC-like competition for Elixir, but that would be too easy. I was also thinking about Underhanded Elixir competition, but on the other hand, I think it would be too hard.

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I like the idea. It would be great to include guidelines on how beginners can use it as a learning opportunity. This sounds like a great next step after doing Exercism-style challenges. We can end up producing more people with experience putting a real project into production!