Share your .spacemacs file with me!

I’m on the run… I don’t have much time these days, I’m on a new computer and I need a .spacemacs file which is suited for functional programming (Elixir, Erlang, Haskell… all the good stuff)

(Might be a good opportunity to even talk more about spacemacs, if you wish!)

Have you looked at the set-up instructions in our Wiki? It’s a fantastic starting point :023: (most of my changes are also in that wiki)

One of the brilliant things about SpaceMacs is that whenever you open a file in a language you haven’t before, it asks if you want to install the layer for that language - just say yes :003:


Well… I ended up by simply downloading a fairly good .spacemacs files from GitHub.
Thanks nonetheless!

Cool. There’s also one posted in the wiki thread by @aaronjensen, here: Spacemacs - General Discussion, Blog Posts, Wiki :slight_smile:

And here is mine: vee: Vic’s Emacs Environment

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A while ago I experimented with setting up my entire dev environment on a Raspberry Pi using Raspbian OS (except for Docker, which would require an OS like Hypriot or similar).

Anyway, I kept a record of everything I did for the different languages and here is what I did for Elixir and Phoenix:

It’s not very clean and the iex_pry lisp macro doesn’t actually have a shortcut so you would have to make your own. But yeah, that’s pretty much how I use Elixir in Spacemacs.