Single module User for both Ecto and Open API Specs?

at Open API Spex — open_api_spex v3.2.0 there’s a definition of a module User

defmodule MyApp.Schemas do
  alias OpenApiSpex.Schema

  defmodule User do
    @behaviour OpenApiSpex.Schema
    @derive [Jason.Encoder]
    @schema %Schema{
      title: "User",
      description: "A user of the app",
      type: :object,
      properties: %{
        id: %Schema{type: :integer, description: "User ID"},
        name:  %Schema{type: :string, description: "User name"},
        email: %Schema{type: :string, description: "Email address", format: :email},
        inserted_at: %Schema{type: :string, description: "Creation timestamp", format: :datetime},
        updated_at: %Schema{type: :string, description: "Update timestamp", format: :datetime}
      required: [:name, :email],
      example: %{
        "id" => 123,
        "name" => "Joe",
        "email" => ""
      "x-struct": __MODULE__
    def schema, do: @schema
    defstruct Map.keys(

In order to avoid re-describing it like that for Open API Specs whilst having already done so for Ecto, is it possible to combine the two definitions in a single module somehow? That is, my Ecto schema User would serve its purpose for Open API Specs too. With some required tweaks.

And if I do combine them, won’t this mess up with the methods of the 2 modules and other things?