Slot for slot arguments? composable patterns for the slot table example

Using the Surface example for the last section in the slot docs called “Binding slot arguments to generators”, I’m trying to imagine how one would add a custom slot for headers for each column in the indexed slots. Could the Column, which already is a slot argument, somehow implement slot additional slots?

defmodule Column do
  use Surface.Component, slot: "cols"

  @doc "The title of the column"
  prop title, :string

  @doc "custom column header"
  slot th
def render(assigns) do
    <Grid items={album <- @albums}>
        {!-- some custom header definition --}
         <Checkbox />
        <Checkbox />
      <Column title="Artist">
        <a href="#">{album.artist}</a>

Could something like this be possible? Is there a reasonable workaround to only define certain column headers that require customization, such as a checkbox on each row and the column header. Perhaps you can define a header slot to only render at a certain column index?