So how about libp2p

I am wanting to connect to the libp2p swarm, but I have no idea where to start. The erlang-libp2p documentation is virtually non-existing. In the docs there isnæt any start_node or connect commands I can make sense of.

Has anyone here any n00b accessible info on this library? The Helium erlang-libp2p is referenced from the libp2p website as yellow, meaning in progress/usable. But i can find absolutely no info on how to get started. It’s not in, but some of the support libraries are.

Feel free to chip in and get a little discussion started. I’m completely at an impasse.

For future readers: I ended up learning go instead for this particular task. GitHub - bahner/myspace-pubsub-daemon: A pubsub backend daemon for myspace

It should be fairly easy to incorporate as backend service like vault or kubo.