Social network projects under active development

Hello. I see that there are several social network projects that are in active development.
Of these, 3 projects stand out:
Pleroma, a federated social network for microblogging. Pleroma / pleroma · GitLab
Mobilizon, a federated social network for meetups. Framasoft / Mobilizon · GitLab
Bonfire, a federated social network with a set of extensions and phoenix LiveView on the frontend. Bonfire · GitHub

Have I forgotten anything?

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The only one I’ve heard of is @pleroma :smiley:

Elixir is a great choice for social networks… in fact this was the main reason I was drawn to it :003:

Those all look really cool!

I’m making one :blush:

It’s called Metamorphic and uses Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix.

It currently isn’t open source but I do plan to open source it under our company’s repository, Core Theory, when it’s closer to production ready.

It’ll be at (currently nothing there), and I’m planning to do an invite stage before releasing to the public.

It is going to function a little bit differently from typical (major) social networks, (1) in that it’s a paid service, (2) you own 100% of your data, (3) it’s much more aligned with connecting and sharing with people you know rather than people you don’t know, and (4) it’s designed to be a tool for you to use rather than a tool to mine and use you.

I have a lot of hopes for it and inspirations behind deciding to try to make something like this… you can follow along with me at our company podcast if you’d like :heart:.

Also, on our Patreon I’ve released some early marketing images that give a preview of some the features in development.

Also, if anyone knows how to implement, or is thinking of implementing, the IETF’s upcoming Messaging Layer Security standard protocol, then please send me a message as I am excitedly following its development for hopeful use in Metamorphic.



I’m new to Elixir, but I understand that creating a community platform on Elixir from scratch takes a very long time. Pleroma has more than 13,000 commits and pleroma still has very little functionality. For the same reason, this forum runs on Ruby, not Elixir. Therefore, I wish you to be patient and create a cool product, especially since you are creating a product alone. I think in 2021, the Elixir community will grow, there will be more stable libraries and it will be easier to create complex projects. It’s still hard right now. Maybe someday I will create a CMS on Elixir, but it will be in a few years. I would give anything to get rid of the hated :poop: magento :poop: and create mega-cool projects on a super-scalable platform written in elixir :boom:

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The building blocks are already there, the hard parts are in the platform design. The minimal features set is usually simple but very easy to get wrong, and definitely a lot of work for a single person.
If you look at mastodon’s source you will realize very little of it are gems, it’s pretty much all custom, and most of the commits come from iterating on their platform design and bug fixes.

On the other hand, after trying to make it in php, I found it orders of magnitude easier to do it in elixir, even knowing little about it.

Pleroma supports custom front ends. There are efforts underway to create improved front ends for Pleroma as well as native mobile apps. There is also an effort to make federated instance hosting very simple and cost effective. - Desktop/mobile front-end for Pleroma - Pleroma/Soapbox hosting (in development) - Native mobile app front-end for Pleroma

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Does anyone know when there will be groups in pleroma?

Groups and group chat are in active development and groups is next major feature. I watch the Pleroma git repository and also track the activity in the pleroma-dev room on the Element app.

Here is the groups issue Groups support (#656) · Issues · Pleroma / pleroma · GitLab

Can’t make a prediction yet.


:fire:Summer update: early access sign ups are now live and available at metamorphic. :tada:

This was a big push for me as my family and I get ready to relocate from coast to coast for the next 2 years.

You can also click through to other pages (by checking out our stars (people who’ve been supporting us) and learn more about what’s coming up when we launch early access.

Early access launch is TBA but you can get on the list for 3 invite codes now. Early Access is like a Beta, you can be one of the first to start using Metamorphic, help us figure things out, and influence future and coming features.

Subscription pricing when we launch Early Access will be $14/mo or $140/yr with a 14-day free trial. You can read more on our customer-rights, hassle-free, privacy, and security policies.

Super excited for Metamorphic (and terrified), first time ever doing something like this. Wouldn’t be possible for me without the incredible platforms and communities behind Elixir, Phoenix, Tailwind, and BEAM — thank you!

Check it out, sign up, and stay tuned! :green_heart:


I am more interested in watching the development of the Bonfire platform, especially the implementation of ValueFlows, a new paradigm of the value creation flow for humanity. There are a lot of different social networks now, but bonfire is something amazing. I’m still new to Elixir. Therefore, I urge experienced developers to support this useful project.