Socket slow to connect sometime

I have an issue when sometimes (only in development), the live view websocket takes about a minute to connect.

Reloading the page has no effect.

At first, I thought it was an IPv6 problem (localhost pointing to Ipv6 first), but I did enable ipv6 and it didn’t change anything. Using didn’t either.

In firefox console (network tab), I have no output while it is waiting. Suddenly (after between 30sec to up to a minute) the socket appears in the network tab and everything unblocks.

I cannot reproduce it reliably, but it seems to happen when “I get back to work on the app”.


Following. I see the same issue. Only in dev, and maybe only in Firefox but I don’t use other browsers much so it may just be that I haven’t seen it in other browsers but if I used them more I would.