Some questions start leaning real time and Phoenix liveView

I have two question:

1 - when I’m using Phoenix.LiveView, will I need to learn chanel? for example I want to create a real time blog when the admin send the new post to site the user see it without refesh the page

2- Am I forced to create a real time site with a user reaction like the push bottom or click some link ? for example the admin imports contents (new postes) to the db without elixir, does elixir real time show it to its phoenix site without refresh? or all the app need to send request and waiting to answer ? I mean the example like twitter.

I’m new in real time Mindset pleas help me to start learning it and then all those things are about a normal page that’s rendered with html, what about Json ?


Okey I bought

I hope this book answers me ! because I couldn’t understand the channel documents unfortunately!


Since you bought that book, I recommend following the book club thread for it:


You may be able to use Postgrex.Notifications and a database trigger to notify your live views that data has changed.