SoPost // Product Team - Senior Engineer // Newcastle (UK), Remote - (UK ONLY)


At SoPost, our mission is to build the world’s most powerful product sampling platform with a focus on relevance, data and analytics. We’ve been at it since 2013 and our platform has grown significantly in that time. We now deliver one sample to a customer every few seconds.

We’re based in London, Newcastle and New York and have partnered with with 200+ brands to create targeted, measurable campaigns - to get sample products to engaged consumers.

We’re now looking to hire a senior engineer into our product team. The aim of the senior engineering role is to give the product team someone who can set new high standards for the team and then mentor and coach the team up to these new standards.

If you’re both able to work in the UK and are based in the UK, then the role is open to you.

For more information, links to our website and the job description are included below.

About us

Company name: SoPost
Country: United Kingdom
My name: Alex Wolf
My position: Product Team Lead

About the job

Job title: Product Team - Senior Engineer
Job description:
Salary range: £45,000 - £50,000
Position on remote work: UK only
Qualifications or experience required:
As the senior engineering role is a mixture of engineering and mentoring we expect all candidates to possess demonstrable experience in both of these areas and be able to communicate challenges and successes from their previous experience.

  1. 5+ years spent in software engineering
  2. Formal or informal experience coaching and mentoring staff
  3. Effective communicator
    What the successful job applicant will be working on:

About the interview process

We split the hiring process into four distinct parts. If you pass one stage, you will proceed to the next. We try to give feedback to you if your application is not successful but this is not always possible.

The process is designed to give you maximum insight into what it is like to work here and also for us to be able to assess your skills as quickly as possible.

  1. Screening - We review your application and verify claims
  2. Video call 1 - Basic programming exercises and a chance for you to ask questions
  3. Video call 2 - You complete a pre-interview task and we review during the call
  4. Offer & References - We will make a formal offer, subject to references

Further info

Please apply through the link provided (

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