SpawnFest - 9-10 Dec 2017

Hey #erlang, #elixir, #lfe, #efene and other #beam developers!

SpawnFest is back!

For those who don’t know, SpawnFest is an annual 48 hour development competition in which teams of skilled developers get exactly one weekend to create the best Beam applications they can.

We’ll soon announce the date but at this time we’re looking for sponsors.
So, send us a message if you or your company are interested in sponsoring the event…

…and start building a team if you want to participate! :slight_smile:


We improved our website thanks to several comments on Elixir’s reddit - Thank you, folks!
We also added da rulez! Check them out!

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Registration is open for SpawnFest 2017
The contest will happen on December 9-10!!

Start building your teams :triumph:

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We are proud to have a 100% elixir judge now. Thanks @rrrene for joining us!


Given the current rage in team registrations (we have 28 already :scream:), we decided to extend the registration deadline one more day: You have until tomorrow to register your team at and win some awesome prizes!