SqlMembershipProvider - Read and authenticate against ASP.NET Membership Microsoft SQL Server databases

I had to make an elixir web app that could authenticate users from an ASP.NET app we have, and this library is the result. I’ve been writing elixir for years, but this is my first elixir open source project. Let me know if there’s any part of the publishing process I missed.

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Read and authenticate against ASP.NET Membership Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Do you have an ASP.NET app that uses the built-in Membership Provider that
stores users, passwords, roles, and profiles in a Microsoft SQL Server database?

This library lets your Elixir code talk to a Membership Provider database to lookup users, their profile information roles they belong to, and authenticate their passwords.

This library uses Tds to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server database.


iex(1)> {:ok, pid} = Tds.start_link(hostname: "localhost", username: "", password: "", database: "", port: 1433)
{:ok, #PID<0.236.0>}

iex(2)> user = SqlMembershipProvider.User.find_by_user_name(pid, "JohnDoe")

iex(3)> membership = SqlMembershipProvider.Membership.find_by_user_id(pid, user.user_id)

iex(4)> SqlMembershipProvider.Membership.is_password_valid?(membership, "password!")

iex(5)> profile = SqlMembershipProvider.Profile.find_by_user_id(pid, user.user_id)

iex(6)> SqlMembershipProvider.Profile.properties(profile)
  "FirstName" => "John",
  "LastName" => "Doe",

iex(7)> roles = SqlMembershipProvider.Role.find_by_user_id(pid, user.user_id)
    role_name: "Administrators",

Running Tests

Clone the repo and fetch its dependencies:

$ git clone https://gitlab.com/horse-racing-labs/sql_membership_provider.git
$ cd sql_membership_provider
$ mix deps.get

Docker Compose is required to run a
sample SQL Server database to run integration tests against.

$ docker-compose up
$ ./setup-test-database.sh
$ mix test

Future Work

Once Tds works with Ecto 3.x, this will migrate to using Ecto.

Help Wanted

  • Only the SHA1 password format is supported. Support should be added for the
    remaining password formats
  • Add support for reading binary properties from profiles

I’ve pushed v0.3.0 which is a backwards-incompatible change that converts the library to use Ecto.