Starting multiple, distinct apps under a single umbrella project?


I have an umbrella project that contains a phoenix web app, a worker app, and a common dependencies app thats used by the both the worker app and the web app. There is no relationship between the phoenix app and the worker app aside from the fact that they both depend on common. But for some reason, when I run mix phoenix.server from the umbrella root, the worker app get started as well, but not when i run it from the apps/phoenix,

So, it appears starting the phoenix server from the umbrella root would cause all apps under the umbrella to get started. Is this expected of an umbrella project?

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Yes it is.

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Some questions:

  • Are umbrella projects apps usually done in such a way that they should be started from the project root, versus their own dirs?

  • Is the starting of all project apps, true for starting any app within an umbrella project, or is that something unique to starting a Phoenix app (and maybe some others)?

If they can just be run from their own dirs, this would seem to give much better flexibility.