Starting stream from another node?

As I am creating a stream for a file using :slight_smile:!(path)

what if I started the stream from another node? would the reach the node at which the file is stored always? ex: the stream is started from another node that created at…

is this safe?

As long as the! is started on the node with the file then you can send the stream messages to other nodes just fine.

I create the stream on a node, but I might start it from another node…
Like, on some node:

Agent.start(fn -> %{"stream" => stream}  end, name: {:global, :my_stream} )

then, on some node:

stream= Agent.get( {:global, :my_stream}, fn %{"stream" => stream } -> stream end )
Task.start_link(Stream, :run, [stream])

I hope I make it clear now