Status of ueberauth_provider?

Hey guys I am trying to look for any OAuth2 Provider implementation. I didn’t find anything only this but it doesn’t have any activity.

Do you know any?

OAuth2 Provider in 2016 is pretty much need and I would like to contribute. I am not an OAuth2 expert so I am trying to look for people that knows the specifications a little bit better than me (pretty much a coach?!).

@scrogson I noticed that you created that repo so I would like to know if there is any roadmap or if I could help somehow in the project. If you help me out to understand I can implement something and you test and verify, I just need help understanding the whole spec :blush: I get lost in details :frowning:


Hi @alchemist_ubi,

The ueberauth_provider repo is dead. I intended to work on an oauth2 provider, but I have too many other projects and interests.

There is this I haven’t used it, but I’ve scanned the README and it looks like a great starting point.


I’d be glad to work on this too


@scrogson @andre1sk Do you have experience implementing the provider? It will be great if we could use that repo for actually make it happen. Or way better if we can contact the creator of authable and transfer the repo IDK.

I would prefer to contribute in something that already exists rather than create a new one.

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@alchemist_ubi, @andre1sk, I would recommend that you contact the author of authable and see how you can contribute there. He also has a standalone application which uses authable and phoenix together:

ueberauth_provider was a project I had hopes to build someday, but now that someone else has done the work, there is no need :slight_smile:

authable seams to be well designed and well maintained lib. is there something in particular you wanted to address , because after taking a look at it I don’t see anything important missing from it?

did you ever end up using authable? I’m digging around, and still not quite sure how to use it correctly.

Nope :frowning: