Step by Step on using openId_connect

Hello guys,
I hope you are all doing fine,
Now quick one has anyone used openid_connect in production ?

Can you please elaborate your question, because as it stands now is a simple yes and no reply :wink:

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@Exadra37, I am extending the functionality of my erp to incorporate an elearning platform like moodle ,
and the form of authentication we want is opendid_connect and Oauth2 , but I need some guidance and tutorials on using openid_connect ,

Update you topic to reflect that with as many details as you can. Describe your problem in more detail, like what you have tried until now, what backends and clients are involved, etc…


Indeed your post is lacking any details. What Elixir auth solution are you currently using? That hugely changes the possible answer you will get in regards to working with OpenID / OAuth 2.

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