Stepping Debugger

I am new to elixir and loving the performance boost so far. I am a ruby developer primarily.

I have found over the last 5 years that decent test driven development reduces the need to crack open a debugger as my code is tested in smaller and smaller units, but I find a decent debugger invaluable occasionally - sometimes as a learning tool to work out how a framework / gem is working.

Do we have anything like byebug or the ruby debugger where an IDE - or a command line interface can step into, over the next line etc… and add breakpoints. I really wanted to go through how phoenix works from the request coming in, through to the response going out. But, more importantly, I feel a bit worried about using a language without a debugger. I have seen IEx.pry which is OK, but I prefer not having to change source code as I always forget and leave it in.



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Hello, have you seen this article? Debugging techniques in Elixir

Since people try to write pure functions (without side effects), it’s easier for me to reason about a chain of transformations, also debugging concurrent app is not trivial i think. Personally I find :observer and ad-hoc IO.inspect satisfy my debugging needs :slight_smile: