Stream empty state - is there a way to check when a stream is empty?

Ah, no, I just modified the core_components.ex, function table/1 by adding a single line as you did in your GitHub repo:

<tr class="hidden last:table-row"><td>No Streamed Items</td></tr>`

In my index template the code to display items looks like that:

    row_click={fn {_id, article} -> JS.navigate(~p"/articles/#{article}") end}
    <:col :let={{_id, article}} label="Title"><%= article.title %></:col>
    <:col :let={{_id, article}} label="Content">
      <%= String.slice(article.content, 0, 200) %>
    <:action :let={{_id, article}}>
      <div class="sr-only">
        <.link navigate={~p"/articles/#{article}"}>Show</.link>
      <.link patch={~p"/articles/#{article}/edit"}>Edit</.link>
    <:action :let={{id, article}}>
        phx-click={JS.push("delete", value: %{id:}) |> hide("##{id}")}
        data-confirm="Are you sure?"

I was redirected here from this thread :slight_smile: