Sync_m - sync mnesia across elixir nodes dynamically / feedback request

I was having a hell of a time getting mnesia started across nodes running phoenix so I made the following package:

I am hoping someone with more experience that me and is use to running mnesia across nodes can verify what I am doing in the package.

Essentially I wanted to not have to preconfigure mnesia as I intend for the current project I am working on to use auto scaling so I wanted nodes to be added to the schema and copy over tables as they came online.

I was hoping someone could look over it to make sure I am not missing anything important as I would like this to be rock solid.

Dropping SyncM.start() in your application start function is enough to have mnesia start and take on new members. It has all worked well in my testing but would love an extra eye.



What happens when the cluster restarts from scratch or recovers from a netsplit?

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In my current use case the data is rebuilt from a postgres DB. It is definitely something I am looking to add in some safeguards around in the comming weeks…along with removing dead nodes from the DB schema