Tabs vs Spaces


Did you read the actual post? They controlled for that and saw the same effect. (Or are you referring to how certain languages were excluded from the chart? Did anyone run the numbers themselves from the survey data without a filter?)

Where are you getting that? I don’t think the SO survey asks about typography. (I may be missing a joke. :slight_smile:)


By people on both Reddit and HN.


I ran it without the filter. Here’s every language from the survey.


Elixir salaries are going pretty well by the way! :lol:


But now we have half of a year later. I wrote and read code written by many people. waded through formatted source code of many kinds (manually vs. tool) and I came to a conclusion at about year change and I am in a transition phase since then.

I migrate slowly to use tabs for indentation and spaces for alignment. At least when I have the choice. For languages that have an official formatter or projects that use a style guide I adhere to those though (even when I am not always the same opinion as those guidelines or tools :wink: ).

@OvermindDL1 already did his point about this in Tabs vs Spaces and I do understand it fully after using that style experimentally for about 3 months now in some C++ code I am hacking at for internal usage.

At least I will stick to this until elastic tabstops get proper support in the tools I use (emacs and VS code) and are not formatted away by the toolset I use (eg. mix format or go fmt).


Obviously haven’t worked with GNU source code. Tabs have to be fixed to render 8 spaces.


Why? Who forces me to do so? Who does even realize if I render it with a width of 2 locally or maybe 3?