Tech Conference in Drammen, Norway

This fall we are planning on setting up a small Tech conference in Drammen, Norway.
One of the branches I want to do is Elixir.

We`ll be serving coffe and waffles and free use of the local IoT network for your experimentation pleasures.
Basically it will be a meetup with a conference and workshop option. there will be at least 1 elixir talk and the workshop we will be using elixir to either make a web app or a nerves project. all depending on the amount of interested.

We are still in the planning phase so things may change.

Give me a heads up if you are interested !
We have Waffles !


Interested. But based in Kristiansand, so depends somewhat on timing. :slight_smile:

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We hope to have more info soon.
are there any meetups or elixir activities near you at all ? I know .net is very dominant in your area.

Dont know of much Elixir/Erlang related which is a bit weird as ericsson had a big presense here

I am interested. There’s a WizzAir line Skopje-Oslo, so I think this event is a good excuse to visit Norway :smile: