Template in /layout not found

Dear community,

I am unable to render a _footer.html.eex from live.html.leex by calling <%= render MyAppWeb.LayoutView, "_footer.html", conn: @socket %>.

This results in the following error message.

Could not render "_footer.html" for [my app here]Web.LayoutView, please define a matching clause for render/2 or define a template at "lib/[my app here]_web/templates/layout/*". The following templates were compiled:

It then states that only the following templates were compiled:

* app.html
* live.html
* root.html

I’m trying to model the following: bytepack_archive/apps/bytepack_web/lib/bytepack_web/templates/layout at 79f8e62149d020f2afcc501592ed399f7ce7a60b · dashbitco/bytepack_archive · GitHub.

Thank you in advance for any input!

I ended up creating a separate SharedView to keep partials in – that worked. Of course, would be interesting to learn more as to why the first approach did not work.