Testing custom routes

I defined a custom route in my router like this

      get("/user/actions", UserController, :user_actions, as: :user_actions)

And in my controller the method is defined like this:

     def user_actions(conn, _params) do
     code logic here    

And in my test .I wrote test like this:

         test "render current users actions", %{conn: conn} do
           get(conn,  user_actions_path(conn, :user_actions))
           |> json_response(200)

The test case fails with this message:

    ** (UndefinedFunctionError) function App.UserController.user_actions/4 is undefined or private

I don’t get it. why its saying my function has an arity of 4.
May be I am missing something very basic here.

Which Phoenix version do you have? 1.4 or less than 1.4?