Testing LiveView Course

:wave: Hi everyone,

Earlier this year, I started working on a Testing LiveView course. I’m now happy to announce that the course is complete!

It has 28 short lessons, each focused on a single topic.

I hope the course will help people learn both the mechanics of testing LiveView but also the thought process I go through when choosing what to test and how to test things.

Testing applications in the wild is not always easy. There are many trade-offs involved, and features don’t always fit into the perfect way of testing we often see in courses.

So, during this course, we test a real Twitter clone, full of trade-offs, and we consider how to test the application best. By doing that, I hope that when you run into complex tests in the future, you’ll know how to evaluate trade-offs and choose the best test for your needs.

If that sounds interesting to you, check it at https://www.testingliveview.com/

Happy testing!