The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp (Udemy/self-published)

There are no objects in Elixir (nor methods). If they are about structs, then they should be referred to as structs (or generally as data) (and use “functions” instead of “methods”).


This is probably my biggest criticism of the course so far - one of the reasons we get books and courses like this is because we are unfamiliar with the specifics and need to know what the exact terminology is. Also José makes a good point about methods as well - I was actually going to post on the forum to ask if we should be calling them functions or methods (which I had always thought was for OOP). @StephenGrider, do you think you could re-record or voice over the instances where you refer to things with the incorrect term? It would be a massive help.

@seniorbrusko, I think most of the time it has been structs yes, but I’ve been taking it as whatever ‘thing’ he’s been talking about at the time.


@AstonJ you’re right, in the Elixir part I think @StephenGrider sometimes say objects in Tuples or Maps (maybe because his discussing JS and Ruby as comparison so he gets mixed up), but his explanations are gold. Still will recommend the course, there’s nothing like it right now. Looking at you, pragmaticstudio :slight_smile:


wow, lucky i found this post… i am also a student of this course, so far like it… (50% half way - on phoenix part now)

but didn’t know about the object concerns raised above, as I am a noob in elixir/phoenix :slight_smile:

anyway good course though

@StephenGrider looking forward for your advanced course on phoenix/elixir :slight_smile:


Off-tangent, but I’ve been using Grider’s courses on ES6 and React to brush up my Javascript knowledge as well. Good stuff.


I love that you take 1.3 into consideration! It’s gonna be a great update and as it should be out before the end of this year, it might be acceptable to wait for new episodes until then.

Please cover OTP, as it might be one of Elixir’s main selling points. For me, it’s not that easy to understand, and your pragmatic teaching style might help a lot :wink:

1.5x is perfect :+1:


You should really cover OTP. It’d be a tragedy for Elixir/Phoenix to be full of devs who don’t know or bother learning the platform and just know phoenix_new.


I do agree with this. I’ve got a couple ideas for interesting OTP projects to tack on to the end.


I have finished the udemy course. For me, its really easy to understand because of the author like to explain the little things in details. cant wait for the update.

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Also bought the course. I think its good because it explains very simply and clearly the language aspects that you need to get comfortable in order to proceed with more specific Elixir and advanced topics (ie. OPT and processes).

Good job, Stephen!

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I was listening to the preview OO vs functional section and there is one thing I was wondering about. Isn’t it a bit confusing for people from an OO background to call functions in modules for methods? Because they are not methods. Which is what the section is about.


There is also confusion with objects/structs and a few other things iirc Robert. @StephenGrider, can you please confirm whether you will be re-recording parts of the course where these are amended please? Functional programming is a big shift for many and incorrect terminology makes things more confusing than it needs to be.


Yes, I’ll be addressing that with the Phoenix 1.3 update. I’m normally a stickler on terminology, so saying ‘object’ everywhere was uncharacteristic. Learning this stuff is hard enough already, so using precise terminology is key!


I would love a 2nd course on OTP. Maybe couple it with a Phoenix API?


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@StephenGrider, thanks for this course!
I can join critics about terminology, because I often found myself translating objects to structs, etc.

But your course is awesome! I have finished 77%, yet. So many things become clear for me. I wish I could have it half year ago :slight_smile:
Strongly advised for all studying Elixir and Phoenix.
And first lessons about Elixir where examples are based on what will be doing in Phoenix- it is great idea for covering material!

Looking forward for updates af this course and your next courses about Elixir and Phoenix.

I completed this course (along with all of Stephen’s other courses.) I can’t recommend it enough.

I didn’t find the vocab flubs meaningful to my full understanding of the material.

Thank you! I’ve been going over the course again, and using consistent terminology would be great for solidifying concepts through practice. Can’t wait for your future updates! :slight_smile:

I’ve been working through this course and think it’s the best $10 I ever spent.

His style is very approachable and the pace is perfect. The content is the best primer for Elixir and Phoenix that I’ve found so far.

p.s. @StephenGrider : Regarding section 7. The OO way would be to replace the strings with an Enum over a longlong bitvector. Card class is then optional as suit can be determined by ordinal. Functions become simple bit twiddling. Shuffle is a single call to random().


Just enrolled, will see if I can learn! :smile:
Thanks for the discount!

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