The culture of alcohol in our industry and at our events



haha, that stuff is some seedy beer if I ever had any :rofl:

I recall going to some clubs in berlin and prague and they would just give that stuff out for free.

Had like a guy fox logo if I recall.


just realized its not even beer, well that explains it.


I believe there is different alcohol/beer culture in different countries to start with to find a general recommendation.

In my youth, no one would ever ask a person’s age when it came to beer. It was also, literally, cheaper than any other even non-alcoholic beverage one could get.

Myself, I think a decent non-alcoholic beer is an excellent option.


So the employees are eternally distracted from the fact that they work 16 hours a day for stock options that will never materialize? :003:



CEO - We need more college applicants so we can pay them less but get more
HR - So that means we need to appeal to a group of young men?
CEO - yeah I guess so?
HR - Hold my beer.
CEO - ?
HR - Well I can’t type up our job description with a beer in my hand now can I?
CEO - Oh don’t forget to mention the snack table!