The culture of alcohol in our industry and at our events

haha, that stuff is some seedy beer if I ever had any :rofl:

I recall going to some clubs in berlin and prague and they would just give that stuff out for free.

Had like a guy fox logo if I recall.

just realized its not even beer, well that explains it.


I believe there is different alcohol/beer culture in different countries to start with to find a general recommendation.

In my youth, no one would ever ask a person’s age when it came to beer. It was also, literally, cheaper than any other even non-alcoholic beverage one could get.

Myself, I think a decent non-alcoholic beer is an excellent option.

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So the employees are eternally distracted from the fact that they work 16 hours a day for stock options that will never materialize? :003:


CEO - We need more college applicants so we can pay them less but get more
HR - So that means we need to appeal to a group of young men?
CEO - yeah I guess so?
HR - Hold my beer.
CEO - ?
HR - Well I can’t type up our job description with a beer in my hand now can I?
CEO - Oh don’t forget to mention the snack table!


“Our ape ancestors started eating fermented fruits on the forest floor, and that made all the difference,” says Nathaniel Dominy, a biological anthropologist at Dartmouth College. “We’re preadapted for consuming alcohol.”


We have been surviving and thriving thanks to alcohol for so many centuries, I wonder how people can really think alcohol is so bad and then proceed to drink sugary drinks that really do kill you.

It is, and is metabolised in liver the same way as fructose. So you get fatty liver disease from either sugar or alcohol, or both. But other than in liver, alcohol is metabolised for energy in a different way than sugar, and does not produce for example insulin spike like sugar does. That is, if it is a spirit. Beer has like 20-25 g of sugar in it, so you get worst of both worlds.

I found out most people do not drink on meetups. Many do, but others don’t, and there is always an option not to drink alcohol and there is alternative to beer for them.

But personally, I opt for aged rum or whisky or bourbon, and that is not always easy to get. People look also at you weird, when you ask for whisky, or even give you a comment in lines of “oh you party hard already” while I don’t get any more alcohol on in my whisky than they do in their beer, and I avoid all the sugar in the process.

So, to sum up, I would not mind if meetup organizers brought some soft drinks and beer but also a bottle of bourbon to the party :slight_smile:


Anecdotally, my grandmother drank a glass of scotch each afternoon and lived to be 104.

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I wouldn’t go that far, it is still toxin :slight_smile:

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It is indeed a difference of culture kinda. Friends in Sweden were appalled of the idea that there might be alcohol at meetups (due to historic reasons to the best of my knowledge, quite some people don’t drink in Sweden and it’s viewed a bit differently)

I’ve been running the Ruby User Group in Berlin for ~6.5 years. We mostly offer beer, it’s a hard requirement though that other non alcoholic drinks are available. In Germany, if one might say so, lots of people don’t really consider Beer as “alcohol” just kinda a normal thing that you drink.
In all my time we never had someone who drunkenly misbehaved or what not.

For me alcohol is more of a problem at conference parties where I’ve seen multiple people grossly misbehave and there are cases where the alcohol lead to people being wayyy too touchy. Lots of these parties also have a lot more potent alcohol. I remember being at a conference where my “free drink voucher” would only get me alcohol. I could get wodka + orange juice but not “just” orange juice.

I don’t drink but I can handle that mostly well, although it can be quite annoying as immediately you are “the weird one”/“the outcast”. I know quite a few people who can’t (even if they drink as well just not as much) and instead rather opt for something more quiet like hanging out in the hotel lobby or organizing a board game night.

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I drink a little red wine everyday with my evening meal :smiley:

A little known fact about red wine is that it is a great anti-microbial, so helps keep your microbiome in balance. It has even been tested against and found to be effective against some common bugs.

Going back to the topic - why not plant the seed of a new culture? Adding a health aspect to such events is fitting imo - it’s no secret that a sedentary lifestyle is a serious concern, so instead of sponsors paying for alcoholic drinks, why not pay for healthy snacks/cooking workshops or even just freshly squeezed fruit or (preferably) vegetable juice? :man_shrugging:


Fruit juice is too sugary to be healthy, so it would get people sicker than a good beer… And will people drink vegetable juice if there is no added sugar in it? It’s better to offer tea then.


Thank you! I’m the same. I personally cannot stand the taste of beer, never tried one yet that I can tolerate, they are just soooooo bitter, whether big commercialized brands to dozens of homemade variants and many in between. But a touch of kaluha and rumchata in coffee or cream is so tasty (and not enough to get any form of drunk off of, not a fan of that either).

I’ve been told that people can’t really tell that I’m drunk the few times that I’ve been except I’m more outgoing and talkative (and internally I knew that I was way gone, I just have a significantly great sense of balance and so forth), but I still won’t touch people… >.>

That’s… interesting… ^.^;

That sounds like me. ^.^

Fairly common at my house, my wife loves a glass once or twice a week with dinner and I join every so often if it’s a tasty one.

Mmm, I love pure carrot juice (carrot’s have a surprising amount of sugar though, so this isn’t really healthy…).

And good tea (or unburnt coffee, yeesh…) is hard to find, but I love it!


At several local talks I attended in the last several months I just brought a thermos with some Earl Grey or green tea (with a touch of seaweed and lemon weed).

I hate beer, I hate most popular drinks since I’ve never felt anything from them but a lot of suffering – and they don’t even make me that tipsy (might be my metabolism, I kill any alcohol in my blood no later than 2h after getting little tipsy).

Indeed higher-quality whiskeys are about the only alcohol I’ll ever touch. Or tea.

On topic, I believe it’s best to have sober talks and maybe offer alcohol after the event.

Yeah also the same, my wife and friends tried to see how drunk I could get and I still "seemed sober’ after 8 shots of whiskey, ended up getting us all up to 15 in a 2 hour period before they could no longer stand and I was still ‘mostly’ fine. >.>

My metabolism is weird…

If I got for alcohol (so almost never) I go for just shots of the better things. If I go for flavor then there is a whole varied amount of things that, though have alcohol, are not in large enough amounts to matter, especially once mixed properly, and many of those things can get soooo tasty (I love ‘flavor’). ^.^

Or at most just low alcohol mixed drinks with water/etc that are not self-made but rather served so they can be properly regulated to a slow periodicity.

Make it herbal tea :003:

Natural homemade beer probably has some health benefits, being a fermented drink. But most of the stuff in pubs/bars is highly processed bottle rubbish :lol:

True about fruit juice, however it will contain enzymes which help digest it. So freshly pressed juice is better than store bought or canned sodas and vegetable juice is better than fruit juice, imo.

I think a little a day with a heavy meal is pretty ok, I certainly seem to feel better when I do than when I don’t :slight_smile:

Yep, but it also contains loads of other goodies (and enzymes of course).

Re juicing as a topic, I always recommend having freshly squeezed juice as the enzymes start dying very quickly (so weeks/days old store bought stuff is basically no better than just sugar!) and when juicing, use a masticating juicer if at all possible :smiley:

You can also, and probably should, drink fish juice! (fish oil, but I like to call it fish juice)

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I keep meaning to try fermented cod/fish liver oil - have you tried it? What’s it like - is it as bad as it sounds? :044: