The data of assigns gets lost when a button is clicked in a modal

I have the standard, auto-generated form-component or modal of LiveView. I’m using a modal in a part of a website where only authenticated users are allowed. I assign “current_user” to session variable in a plug.


  live_session :on_authenticated, on_mount: MyWebsiteWeb123.InitLiveAssigns do
    scope "/", MyWebsiteWeb123 do
      pipe_through :browser

      live "/abc", MyLive

init assigns module:

  defmodule MyWebsiteWeb123.InitLiveAssigns do
    import Phoenix.LiveView

    def on_mount(:on_authenticated, _params, session, socket) do
      cu = Repo.get!(User, session["current_user_id"])
      socket2 = assign(socket, :current_user, cu)

      {:cont, socket2}

This nicely allows me to get access to the current_user in socket in the situations when “submit” button is clicked, in a normal form on a page.

However, not in a modal. That is, not when “save” button is clicked in it – ‘current_user’ gets dissapered.

  //current user is nil
  def handle_event("save", %{"my_model" => my_model_params}, socket) do
    // 'current_user' doesn't exist anywhere in 'socket'
    a1 = socket.assings[:current_user]

    //a2 = socket.assings[:current_user_id]
    //a3 = socket.assings["current_user"]
    //a4 = socket.assings["current_user_id"]
    //a5 = socket["current_user_id"]
    //a6 = ...........


Where has current_user has disappered from assigns in a modal?

How to make all this work?

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Maybe it’s just a typo? It is socket.assigns not socket.assings in your code.


No. It’s because one has to pass a variable to LiveView component to make it accessible there.