The future of the web - what does it look like to you?



IMO that’s the main hurdle on the path of the evolution of the web today. Too much vested interests for corporations to allow any radical changes.

EDIT: Also this:

I am sad to report that this has been my experience every time I have read on these matters – our entire history shows forced authority wins every time. If you really make a good compelling case and the public is with you… then your sentiments can outright get outlawed, as a last resort. I see no way for us to be able to retort at all.


There is a flaw in your logic too – you assume Joe is talking about direct financial incentives while he was actually talking about preserving knowledge for the future generations (@joeerl correct me if I am wrong).

Nobody cares if Gmail is gonna be around in 100 years. But I for one do care that all the scientific and art works of today are preserved in the said 100 years.


Yeah this is something that terrifies me to be honest. We make a lot of information now, but we also lose a lot of information now…


I think this is an interesting direction as well:
We have to go to a decentralized web pretty soon(P2P/Beaker) otherwise there won’t be a web soon. We already start seeing apps that work only in specific browsers or not being able to copy and paste simple text from web pages.


I’m glad someone mentioned this. I watched this talk a couple of years ago by Carl Hewitt and it really started me thinking. At the time, it basically had me thinking that we’re only a few good data breaches away from all the collected data becoming a real detriment to those who possess it, paving the way for something like the “Islets” that Carl talks about.

I had read a little bit about what Tim Berners-Lee was working on with Solid and it seems that the two ideas are very similar. If Solid takes off, maybe it would be beneficial getting in early by building a Solid server with Elixir? Maybe Solid PODs & apps perhaps?

Erlang Factory SF 2015 Keynote - Carl Hewitt - Actors for CyberThings


Very interesting indeed. Here Tim Berners-Lee explains more about solid.


Another one tweeted by Tim:


I tried to use ocsigen a few times during the last 4 years since I wanted to code in OCaml again and the theory is nice. The problem is that it severely lacks in user friendliness as it’s done by researchers so not a damn is given about that. It’s more a proof of concept IMHO (unfortunately).