The third edition of Elixir in Action has been released - and we’ve got TEN copies to give away!

I love that at the end of the day I feel productive and that I didn’t waste time stuck figuring out state changes by deeply nested objects.


Yay. Love Elixir.


I love Elixir because of its killer web framework Phoenix.


I love its clarity, simplicity, stability and documentation


Elixir (with Phoenix/Liveview) is like a magnet to me.
So many times, I questioned myself, maybe Python would have been a better fit to my toy project because it provides an abundance of ML libraries, or Rust for great performance, or Javascript (for no reason actually).
Every time, Elixir pulls me back, convincing me that I took the right decision, for the so many reasons mentioned above.
Many thanks to all the people who contributed to this ecosystem!


I love the tools around scalability in Elixir. i.e. livebook, bumblebee

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I love Elixir for its ability to write concurrent and fault tolerant applications.

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Thanks for the comments everyone - it’s great seeing so many people loving Elixir and this book!

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Commiserations to everyone else - however don’t forget you can get 45% off with the coupon code in the first post and for anyone interested we’ll also be running a book club about this book soon! Check out the info here: Upcoming Book Clubs - #4 by AstonJ :023: