a new way to get funding for your open source

Hello, my name is Tommy. I just shipped, a new way to setup subscription based funding for your open source packages, client tools, projects and etc! The backend code is at GitHub - trodrigu/toss_bounty: A phoenix backend for toss bounty. I am looking for feedback as I want to make you the open source developer have the best experience when it comes to getting money for your creations.

Thank you!



Can you explain what may differentiate this service from something like patreon?

Hi Ankhers,

What differentiates TossBounty from Patreon is that we are and will always be Developer centric. TossBounty is coupled with GitHub and will serve to give devs a path of least resistance for funding their projects.

Not every developer and project is on GitHub. I’m slowly migrating to GitLab, as it simply offers better services in many cases even in the free plan.

So how do you treat projects and developers not hosted on github?


Hello NobbZ,

I liked your article on your blog describing your setup for emacs as a service with systemd. I am actually using systemd on my digital ocean server to control the phoenix app. You bring up a great point and I really like how Gitlab offers things out of the box (like continuous integration). I think it would be great to include other self hosted options too and I want to definitely add a sign up flow for that to my backlog for development on TossBounty.

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