Trouble deploying with distillery and edeliver

I’m trying to deploy a Phoenix app to an Ubuntu server using Distillery and Edeliver. The build and release worked but when I try to start the app I got errors like this:

response: awk: cmd. line:9: (FILENAME=- FNR=10) fatal: Unmatched [, [^, [:, [., or [=: /[$]{pr;ZnZXm{[s~YlW3Lfmp&C{W;C6/pq}/

I’m following this post
I searched the internet for a while but I can’t find anything there.
Does anyone know where this is coming from or how to fix it.

I use Erlang/OTP 22, Elixir (1.9.1), distillery 2.1 and Edeliver 1.7.0.

It looks like the release does not work. When I create release on my local machine and start my release locally I get similar errors:

awk: nonterminated character class [$]{pr;ZnZXm{[_s~YlW
input record number 10, file
source line number 9

It turned out to be the Erlang cookie in my rel/config.exs causing trouble.