Troubles pulling private hex packages

We are not able to pull our organization’s private hex packages. Authentication isn’t working. We have tried rolling tokens. Still nothing. Is there a known problem.

We keep getting 403s

This could be because the package does not exist, it was spelled incorrectly or you don't have permissions to it
Failed to fetch record from registry (using cache instead)
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I am experiencing similar issues. There isn’t a status page that I could find, unfortunately.

It seems to be working now. Was there down time or a known problem?

The only thing I could fine was this thread Could not update a package on

@ericmj just posted this in the #hex channel on slack:

We had an issue where the secret used for HMAC authentication of API and repository access keys was rolled for some organizations and users. We restored the old secrets so existing keys should work again. If you created any new keys during this timeframe (still verifying the exact times) you will need to recreate them since they used the secret we rolled back.