Two phoenix app in umbrella but only one get started in production

I have an umbrella app with 2 phoenix apps but I can’t seems to get two of them to run in production after packaged by distillery.
The second phoenix endpoint doesn’t look like it got started.

I could get them to run together in dev mode or production mode using MIX_ENV=prod iex -S mix phx.server.

What config could I be missing?

I am using RC1 and latest distillery.

I believe you will need to create a separate release for each Phoenix application. Are you doing that?

Are you starting the apps on separate ports? Are there any error messages? Staring the release with foreground or console will enable you to see all the messages directly (instead of combing through the logs).

Yes, each phoenix app on different port.
And yes I start it in console and that where I noticed the second phoenix doesn’t get started.
No error message, as if the app is not started.

Oh, do you have a reference link?
I am just creating a single umbrella app.

Sorry guys, the problem lies with the rel/config.exs where I forgot to include the other app in the set applications: config.