Type Checking in Python

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Also speaking at the PuPPy event, Anders Hejlsberg, creator of TypeScript, said that, contrary to received wisdom, he believed type systems actually “dramatically” increased developer productivity.

“I am sure you’re all accustomed to things like statement completion, refactoring, and code navigation and so forth,” he said.

"If you think about it, the thing that powers that is semantic knowledge of your code, and the thing that provides the semantic knowledge of your code is a compiler with a type system.

"Once you add types you can actually dramatically increase productivity, which in some ways seems counterintuitive.

“I thought dynamic languages were easier to approach because you haven’t got types that are this bother all the time. Well it turns out that you can actually be more productive by having types if you do it in a non-intrusive manner and if you work hard doing good type inference and so forth.”