Umbrellas and --no-start alias for test

Hi everyone,

I’m writing tests for an umbrella. One of the apps contains named processes (a named GenServer), in the setup of the tests I’m starting the named processes and when running mix test from the umbrella root or from the application folder itself I get an error as expected that looks like the following: {:error, {:already_started, pid}}. To solve this I have added an alias so that the supervision tree doesn’t start when running tests: "test": ["test --no start"]. This approach works when executing mix test from inside each individual application, but it’s failing with the above error when executing the tests from the umbrella root.
To overcome the last issue, I have modified the alias so that the application is explicitly stopped before running the tests: "test": [fn _ -> Application.stop(:app_name) end, "test --no start"].

Does anybody know why is this happening? Shouldn’t the first alias be enough so that the application doesn’t start independently of where the mix test command is executed? I think of executing mix test in the root of an umbrella like navigating to each application in /apps and executing mix test inside.