Unable to deploy to gigalixir following their guide

Hello people, I hope you are all well :smiling_face: I am trying to deploy my Phoenix, Ash application on Gigalixir.

I followed this guide phoenix deploy with releases but got some errors in the gigalixir console saying that it was killed and the status is unhealthy.

I request anyone who’s done the same before to help me with it.
Any free tier advice, guides and suggestions will also be appreciated.
Thank you

Is there any more info from the logs that you can share? So we know the app crashed, but really need to see the lines of logs before that to diagnose what led to the crash.

One thing we have noticed is that Ash takes up some additional memory for its code/compiled artifacts. It doesn’t use more memory in general, it just has a slightly larger base footprint. We haven’t had a chance to look into why yet. Was it killed due to being out of memory (OOM)?

Here is a link to the conversation about it on Discord


let me check this out

what deployment strategies would you recommend?

This isn’t going to be a satisfactory answer, but I just end up paying for the non-free tier if I’m shipping something. With that said, I am very interested in figuring out how to reduce that base memory footprint, and it may actually be some kind of simple low-hanging fruit fix. With that said, it could also just be all of the extra modules/code that is compiled into Ash. It’s a large package and with extensions and all of that it can be much larger. I will add it to my list to revisit this issue and see if I can figure out how to reduce that base memory footprint.


do you use AWS??

It will be good if you are able to fix it.