Unable to download elixir on windows8

when I download exe file for winows given in elixir website. When I double click on exe file it shows error see screen shot attached.


What is the issue why I am not able to install Elixir in windows OS.

Note: I have successfully installed Elixir and Phoenix in my Apple’s laptop

Seems like the downloader is downloading that file to have a list of elixir versions and the urls of where to get them. Without the list it seems that it’s missing that information preventing it from moving forward.

Is there any alternative way to install elixir/ Phoenix in windows?

Are you able to download http://elixir-lang.org/elixir.csv directly?

Yes I have downloaded it shows me url of precombiled zip files and encrypted password in sha1 and sha512, release_type and version

In that case something is blocking the installer from accessing the network, a firewall for example, that will be very specific to your computer.