Unable to use function `pid/3` in LiveBook

Hey guys,

I am learning Elixir, (As of now learning how messaging between processes work).

I tried to do a back and forth messaging between LiveBook and iex session.

So I created an iex session using command:
iex --sname derpycoder --cookie wubalubadubdub

Then after connecting to the named iex node, from LiveBook, I ran: self().

I got some pid, #PID<0.153.0>, which I then passed into pid(0, 153, 0) function in iex terminal to get the pid of LiveBook.

pid = pid(0, 153, 0)
send(pid, {:hola, "Hola LiveBook"})

And on the LiveBook side, I wrote:

Process.info(self(), :messages)

# OR

receive do {:hola, message} -> message end

But I am unable to do the same in LiveBook. i.e. Take the pid from iex and send message to it from LiveBook.

For that I need pid/3 function to convert the string representation of pid to actual pid.

Also flush is missing in LiveBook.

Both of those can be imported from: IEx.Helpers — IEx v1.13.4

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Thanks @LostKobrakai,

Last night I tried Kernel, Erlang and so many tricks, except importing IEx.Helpers. :sweat_smile:

import IEx.Helpers, only: [pid: 3, flush: 0]