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My Elixir-focused posts so far:

I’ll update here as I end writing and publishing more.


Blog looks really cute, I like the color scheme and logo!

You might want to look at code highlighting though, seems broken on my Safari.


Thanks. I appreciate you saying so : )

Is there an issue with the element usability? Because there is no highlighting. Just the monospaced font. I looked around for a very lightweight or CSS-only approach. Didn’t find anything I liked. I might pick up a JS lib for it at some point. Recommendations appreciated.

I’ve been trying to avoid making the site heavy or complex at all. But highlighting is definitely something I’d consider adopting for the convenience of my readers vs my ideological trade-offs : )

Oh, you didn’t have it enabled in the first place, I see.

Well, I am the same. When I start my blog I’ll definitely make it religiously small and light. But code highlighting is going to be a compromise – I’ll enable it with CSS or JS.

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Although I did not test it yet, we have an Elixir solution for code highlighting…



Oh, neat. My site generator is in Python so I should probably just use pygments and generate the highlighting markup statically and set up some JS to make the raw version accessible along with the highlighted version.

Welp, you got it into my brain so now there’s highlighting. I don’t have a graceful fallback to the raw text or progressive enhancement to bring in the highlights right now. But its just static markup and CSS and it copies cleanly into editors from my tests.

Let me know if you see any issues : )

Looks great. Now if you can delete the “elixir” text on the top of snippets and de-indent the code a bit, it will be perfect!

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Ha! :wink:

I should adjust/separate the spacing a bit but I actually like having the name of the language in there.

I think the indentation might be off on a few samples because it seems about right to me in most of them. But now it is sunday goofing-off time. I can’t be serious any further today.

Sure, that can also be good. But just having the word “Elixir” slapped on top is not a good UX for me. I’d try to style it as a sort of a tab name, namely a small box slapped on top of the coding block.

All optional though, it’s your blog after all. :slight_smile:

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New post: Why am I still excited about Elixir? (also posted on Hacker News)


New post:
My thoughts on Lumen and a guide to trying the current bleeding-edge development version yourself. You can write Erlang or Elixir to run in your browser. Thanks to the Lumen team for the help on all of this.


Also posted on Hacker News, upvotes welcome.