Understanding "Failed to fetch record for [lib name] from registry (using cache instead)" error

I have somewhat of a theory/vocabulary question. Could you please explain to me the sentence which I get when I run “mix deps.get” :

Failed to fetch record for tzdata2022c from registry (using cache instead)"

Here, what is a record ? And what exactly does it mean to fetch it ?
My understanding of it is that there is an online registry referencing all elixir libraries and that “mix deps.get” searched for the specified lib in this registry but couldn’t find it (so a record would be an element of the registry). Is that correct ?
Also, what is the cache ? and what does it mean to “use” it in this instance ? I’m guessing it’s some local folders that mix is searching in for the library I’m asking ?

This library is trying to fetch a timezone from remote host. If that fails, it uses a recorded (and potentially) older database in its place.

Maybe your firewall is stopping the outgoing network request?