Understanding LiveView Logging


I have a LiveView page that has a search box that returns a list of links. The User clicks the link and it takes them to another Liveview that shows the details:

index.ex -> show.ex

In the index.html.leex' I am using live_redirect’ to mount a new LiveView:

    <%= live_redirect to: Routes.property_show_path(@socket,:show, property) do %>
      <%= property.name %>
    <% end %>

When a User clicks one of the links it opens shows the show LiveView as expected.

However in the console logging it has this line before the mount log:

phx-Fmcl2BxSjWMIz4HK destroyed: the child has been removed from the parent -  undefined

I have not been able to find a reference in the docs that tells me what this means. Any help will be appreciated.


It kills the current liveview process and mounts a new one on the same connection. That is what is referenced as «destroyed».

Ok, so nothing to worry about

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