Up-to-date Elixir on Fedora 24

Just a quick heads up, this morning I prepared to update F24’s Elixir to 1.2.5 … only to find that Peter Lemenkov uploaded v1.2.5 just 3 hours ago.

The Elixir package used in F24 is known to work well on CentOS7 / RHEL7 combined with the Erlang 18 rpms from Erlang Solutions. Unfortunately there is no Erlang 18 for EL7 on EPEL or SCL.

This is probably a good hint into how I develop and deploy with Elixir…

(there’s something buggy about adding tags to a topic)




What do you mean?

If you are referring to creating tags, currently only Trust Level 3 members can create tags, but you can suggest new tags in this thread: http://elixirforum.com/t/how-do-tags-work/487 :slight_smile:

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Oh that must be the bug.

It offers a box to add tags, I type tags it doesn’t find, then drops my input without any hint as to why. Being a newbie means that I don’t have the rights to create tags and also that I don’t know that I would need to create tags, nor that tag creation is a right to be earned.

Anyway, minor oddity. :slight_smile: