Update assocs having multiple primary keys when updating parent model without deleting unaffected records


I have an issue with updating ecto relations. This is my parent schema:

@primary_key {:folder_id, :integer, []}
schema "folders" do
    field(:parent_id, :integer, default: nil)
    field(:folder_type, :string, default: "standard")
    timestamps(type: :naive_datetime_usec)

        foreign_key: :folder_id,
       on_replace: :delete

And my child schema:
@primary_key false
schema “folder_names” do
field(:folder_id, :integer, primary_key: true)
field(:language, :string, default: nil, primary_key: true)
field(:name, :string)

And finally my def changeset for Folders
def changeset(folder, params) do
fields = ~w(parent_id folder_type)a

    |> Ecto.Changeset.cast(params, fields)
    |> Ecto.Changeset.cast_assoc(:names, on_replace: :update)

My application has an update route for folders which should also include the names. So the content is something like

    folder_type: "standard",
    parent_id: nil,
    names: [%{
        %{language: "en", name: "rootfolder", folder_id: 42},
        %{language: "de", name: "Hauptordner", folder_id: 42}

Now I want to add another name as an update action:
names: [%{language: “no”, name: “Høvedperm”, folder_id: 42}]

When now calling Repo.update with a corresponding changeset my other language names are deleted. Same applies when updateing some of the languages. I assume my problem is that I have two columns defining the primary key for names. Any ideas how to resolve this?

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