Urn - a Lisp variant which compiles to Lua

Just discovered this one:


Hey cool! I was looking for a language to compile to Lua just not long ago, wish I saw this a few weeks ago as the Lisp’y macros would have saved me SO much work! ^.^;

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Must try that, then I can run Lisp on top of Lua on top of Erlang. :wink:



There are so much wildly unknown functional languages outside.

Its not that there are so much more imperative languages outside, its more that the functional ones are often simply undiscovered yet.

Lets change this :wink:


True true!

Maybe you should make an Awesome Functional Programming Languages list on github (and get it added to the Awesome lists repo once it’s 30+ days old)? :slight_smile:

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Oh, that is a great idea :slight_smile:

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